Posted by: MrJoseph45 | September 23, 2010


I know I haven’t done a lot of writing over here, but I have a legitimate reason for that: I’ve started doing some freelance writing for Suite101.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I love writing over here, and it’s a lot of fun saying what’s on my mind over here.  In fact, I have no intentions of ditching this site whatsoever.  I’m doing the freelance writing for those articles that could be considered professional in nature. 

The movie reviews will still stay here, because I have a formula that I use to write those; I may do one over there, but it will be vastly different than the ones you see here.

The political commentaries will most definitely stay here.  I can’t call someone a “fucking idiot” over there, because they frown upon those comments over there.  It’s in the contract.

The sports commentary will stay over there.  I have a lot of fun doing those, so I think I’ll keep those there.  Besides, they seem to be more article-based in nature, versus the free-form writing that I do here.

All of the personal stuff will be here, so when I do get ready to write the letter to my unborn child (which will be soon), you’ll see it here.

So, seeing that I’ve touted my work over there, I may as well post a couple of links to the articles I’ve done; it only makes sense.  The first article was a write-up for the Calgary Stampeders-Saskatchewan Roughriders game last week, and the second one was written last night about Michael Vick’s return to the starting lineup in Philadelphia.  If you like those, then you can recommend them to your friends.  If not, then I understand.


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